2005 News Story

Saudi poet to compile book about the lives of women in the Kingdom

As her latest project, best-selling Saudi female poet Nimah Ismail Nawwab is compiling an anthology of poetry, essays and short stories about the lives of women in the Kingdom, the Arab News reports.

Nawwab said in an interview with the Arab News that her goal in compiling the book is to give a true representation of the diversity of women living in Saudi Arabia. She came up with the idea after seeing many false impressions about the lives of women in the Kingdom.

“Misconception often leads to misunderstanding and intolerance,” she told the Arab News. “While giving poetry readings and presentations abroad I noticed a hunger for information about life in the Kingdom. It fit well with a long-held dream of mine to bring together writers in Saudi Arabia to work on a common project.”

The book, which is tentatively titled “Where Prayer Measures Time: The Women of Saudi Arabia Speak,” will be published in English. Nawwab hopes to include submissions from Saudi women as well as from women around the world who have lived in the Kingdom.