2004 Public Statements

December 08, 2004Budget 2005: Royal Decrees
December 08, 2004Budget 2005: Ministry of Finance report
October 25, 2004Overview of February's Counter-Terrorism Conference
September 12, 2004A Coverup of Saudi lies? No
August 16, 2004Crown Prince says terrorist hold is over, Saudi security strong
August 15, 2004Prince Bandar comments on oil stability
July 29, 2004Saudi Arabia and Iraq issue joint statement on economic cooperation
June 23, 2004King Fahd addresses the nation on surrender of terrorists
June 18, 2004Adel Al-Jubeir, on murder of U.S. hostage Paul Johnson
June 14, 2004Summary of FATF Report and Conclusions
June 13, 2004Saudi Ambassador condemns attacks on Americans in Saudi Arabia
June 02, 2004Update on Saudi Arabia’s progress in the War on Terrorism
June 01, 2004"We will lose our war against terrorism, unless ... "
May 23, 2004Tunis Declaration of 16th Arab Summit
May 06, 2004Saudi religious leaders denounce extremism in wake of Riyadh bombing
April 30, 2004Letter to Newsweek denouncing televised comments by Evan Thomas
April 28, 2004 Vindication of departure of Saudi nationals after 9-11
April 26, 2004 Prince Saud discusses Iraq policy in WS Journal
April 22, 2004 List of casualties in April 21 blast
April 19, 2004 Statement on Saudi oil policy
April 16, 2004 Kingdom’s comment on Bush-Sharon announcement
April 14, 2004 Letter to Newsweek on Isikoff article
April 14, 2004 Letter to UPI on incorrect reporting
February 28, 2004 Statement on creation of a charity commission
January 22, 2004 Adel Al-Jubeir's statement at U.S. Treasury Dept. press conference