2004 Press Release

Saudi Ambassador Comments on Senator Lugar's Speech
Prince Bandar commends Senator Lugar on both his vision and dedication

[Washington, DC] -- Ambassador to the United States Prince Bandar bin Sultan today welcomed the remarks by Senator Richard Lugar (R-IN), Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, delivered at the Brookings Institution in Washington, DC on the topic of A New Partnership for the Greater Middle East: Combating Terrorism, Building Peace. 

Prince Bandar bin Sultan commended Senator Lugar on both his vision and dedication.  "The region is in need of reform, but as Senator Lugar recognizes, no lasting reform can be imposed from the outside.  I have known Senator Lugar for more than twenty years and when he gets involved with an issue he is steadfast in his commitment.  Saudi Arabia is also dedicated to promoting development and peace in the Middle East, and will continue to work with the international community to achieve these goals." 

During his speech, Senator Lugar outlined a long-term strategy for international cooperation that would facilitate reform and development in the Arab world.  Senator Lugar emphasized that the international community should engage with the Greater Middle East in a way that allows “the nations of the region to set their own priorities for the new millennium.”