2004 Press Release

Suspects killed identified as most wanted terrorists

[Washington, DC] -- The Ministry of Interior today identified four of the five terror suspects killed on Thursday following a shootout with security forces in the Al-Safa neighborhood in Jeddah as being on the country’s most wanted terror list.  The incident resulted in the arrest of a suspect and slight injury to a security officer.

The Ministry of Interior today identified the four as Ahmad Abdulrahman Saqr Alfadhli, Khalid Mobarak Habeeb-Allah Alqurashi, Mostafa Ibrahim Mohammad Mobaraki, and Talal A'nbar Ahmad A'nbari, numbers 23, 11, 25, and 13 on the most wanted list published on December 6, 2003.  The fifth has not yet been identified.  The name of the suspect arrested during the shootout, and those of others apprehended in connection with the operation, are being withheld for the moment.

Ambassador to the United States Prince Bandar bin Sultan said today “the actions of our security forces are further proof that the terrorists, whose objective is to kill innocent people, can run but cannot hide from justice.”  Prince Bandar added “we are in total war with these terrorists and there will be no compromise.”

Security investigations had uncovered evidence of a planned act of terrorism, and the suspects traced to an apartment in Al-Safa. Security forces seized quantities of weapons and explosives as well as two vehicles used in two separate ambushes on April 5 and April 9, in which two security officers were killed.