2004 Press Release

Saudi Ambassador condemns attacks in Saudi Arabia
Extends condolences to victims' families

[Washington, DC] -- Saudi Ambassador Prince Bandar bin Sultan expressed his sorrow at the death of civilians, which included Americans, British, Australians and Saudis, in the recent terrorist attack in Yanbu, Saudi Arabia.  Prince Bandar condemned the attack as "vicious and murderous", and extended, on behalf of the people of Saudi Arabia, the "deepest condolences to the families of the victims of the attack." 

Prince Bandar further added:  "This is a cowardly act carried out by criminals who have turned their backs on their faith and on all of humanity."   The Ambassador said that "acts of terrorism have no justification and violate the principles of every faith, including Islam.  The Saudi people have suffered at the hand of terrorism and are galvanized in the fight to combat terrorism in all of its forms.  And God willing, we will succeed in ridding our nation of these evil-doers."