2004 Press Release

Embassy personnel meet with Mr. Paul Johnson III
The following statement was issued today by the Saudi Embassy in Washington DC:

Representatives of the Saudi Embassy in Washington DC met today with Mr. Paul Johnson III to brief him on the status of the ongoing investigation into the recent murder in Riyadh of his father, Paul Johnson Jr., and the continued search for the body, which remain a top priority for Saudi law enforcement.  The government and the people of Saudi Arabia have offered their condolences to Mr. Johnson and his family, and continue to stand with them during their time of grief.

Those who committed this heinous crime were subsequently killed by security forces, but the case is not closed. The search continues for the remains of the victim, and for any person who may have been involved in or connected with the murder.

The Embassy will continue to keep Mr. Johnson informed of any developments in the investigation. He has asked us to work with him as the primary contact for the family, and we will respect this.  We are still ready to provide round-trip air tickets, accommodations and ground transportation to any immediate member of the Johnson family who wishes to travel to Saudi Arabia to be briefed there by Saudi law enforcement officials.  Mr. Johnson has said, however, that none of his family plans to go to Saudi Arabia at this time, although they may do so in the future.