2004 Press Release

Suspect on most wanted list arrested by Saudi authorities
Washington DC

One of Saudi Arabia’s most-wanted terrorist suspects was arrested yesterday without incident by Saudi authorities.  Faris Ahmad Jamaan Al Showeel Alzahrani, who is on the list of Saudi Arabia’s 26 most-wanted, is described as one of the leaders of the group that has been calling for terrorist attacks and instigating the murder of security officers and other innocent people.

Alzahrani was arrested with another individual whose identity is being withheld pending investigation.  Due to the swift and efficient actions by security forces, the suspects were apprehended before they were able to use weapons that they were carrying.

According to Ambassador to the United States Prince Bandar bin Sultan: “The diligence of our authorities, along with the support of our citizens, will continue to bring these criminals to justice.” 

Saudi Arabia’s most-wanted list now stands at 11 at large, with 12 killed and three in custody.