2004 News Story

Interior minister at Tehran conference on Iraq

Minister of Interior Prince Nayef bin Abdulaziz arrived in Iran yesterday to attend the two-day meeting in Tehran of interior ministers of countries that are neighbors of Iraq. These are Kuwait, Jordan, Syria, Turkey and Iran as well as Saudi Arabia. Egypt and the United Nations are also represented. Addressing the gathering at the opening session today, Prince Nayef urged all present to help Iraq establish security and stability, and pointed out that lack of security in Iraq would have a negative effect on stability in this sensitive part of the world.

Prince Nayef also commented that fighting terrorism should entail a real understanding of the dimensions of this phenomenon, its intellectual and religious bases, its motives and those who stand behind it, as well as taking steps to close borders and prevent terrorist infiltration. He added that Israel's actions in the Palestinian territories against a defenseless people represent a source of terrorism incitement.

In an arrival statement, Prince Nayef noted that at a similar meeting recently in Egypt, agreement was reached that Iraq be helped to maintain security by preventing infiltration of terrorists into Iraq from any neighboring country. He expressed regret that some Saudis were present in Iraq, but was sure they had not infiltrated through the Kingdom’s borders.

Prince Nayef met today with Iraqi interior minister Falah Alnaqeeb to discuss issues of common interest.