2004 News Story

Arab Interior Ministers Council holds 21st session in Tunis

Addressing the 21st session of the Arab Interior Ministers Council in Tunis today, Minister of Interior Prince Nayef bin Abdulaziz, who is the Council’s Honorary President, declared that security these days has a new dimension, and that security responsibilities for Arab countries require protection not from foreign danger but from local threats arising from deviant and extremist thinking. Such extremists do not fear to kill innocent people, intimidate those at peace and devastate private property. Terrorist violence, he said, has become one of the most dangerous threats to Arab security.

At a press conference afterwards, Prince Nayef described the security situation in the Kingdom as stable, but added that he could not rule out the occurrence of more acts of terrorism. Nevertheless, he said, the Saudi government and people are able to contain such developments. He declared that it is to be regretted that such terrorists claim to be defending Muslim doctrines, while on the contrary, they are defaming Islam. He reiterated his call to take firm action against deviants while raising the slogan of intellectual dialogue by Arab intellectuals. He went on to express happiness at meeting with Iraq’s Minister of Interior Noori Homood Albadran on the sidelines of the conference, and paid tribute to the work done by the Riyadh-based Prince Nayef Arab Academy for Security Sciences.