2004 News Story

Interior ministry gives details of yesterday’s shootout in Riyadh

The Ministry of Interior today issued a follow-up statement on yesterday’s incident in Riyadh that led to seven fatalities. Security authorities had been pursuing a group suspected of preparing for an act of terrorism, including Khalid bin Homoud bin Joair Al-Faraj, whom they arrested yesterday morning. During the search of his house, his father, who lived with him, was very cooperative to the investigators, among whom was a female officer, there being women in the house. Sudden gunfire broke out, resulting in the deaths of the father, five security officers, and a sixth who died later of his injuries.

The officers have been honored by promotion to a higher rank. They are:
1. Major Khalid bin Abdulaziz bin Ibrahim Al-Humaidan

2. Staff Sergeant Abdullah bin Hussain Al-Baqmi

3. Staff Sergeant Naif bin Lafi Al-Mutairi

4. Sergeant Abdullah bin Sanat Al-Utaibi

5. Sergeant Yahya bin Awadh Al-Qahtani

6. Corporal Abdullah bin Khaloufah Al-Ahmari