2004 News Story

Departure of pilgrims after 1424 Hajj proceeding smoothly

The departure of pilgrims from the Holy Sites in and around Makkah is proceeding smoothly, with over 8,000 buses in operation to transport them to Madinah as well as to Jeddah. Departing pilgrims are presented with gifts of literature, commemorative photographs of the Holy Mosques, and bottles of Zamzam water. Large tanks containing the holy water have been placed close to the main roads used by departing pilgrims. Bottled Zamzam is offered to pilgrims on arrival and during the ritual standing at Arafat as well as on departure.  As of yesterday, a total of 18,484,505 liters of Zamzam water had been distributed during the 1424 Hajj.

Meanwhile, President of the Islamic Development Bank (IDB) Dr. Ahmad bin Muhammad Ali has reported that 587,723 head of sheep and 5,076 head of cattle and camels had been sacrificed during this year's Hajj under the Kingdom's project for utilization of sacrificial meat. The meat of 32,000 head of cattle has been distributed in Makkah to pilgrims and the poor, and the rest is being shipped by sea and land to a number of Islamic countries for the benefit of the needy.