2004 News Story

Jeddah assailants identified; five related deaths confirmed

The Interior Ministry announced today that four of the five assailants who attacked the U.S. consulate in Jeddah yesterday have been identified. All four are Saudi nationals. Three of them, Fayez bin Owad Al-Juhani, Eid bin Dakheelallah Al-Juhani, and Hassan bin Hamid Al-Hazimi, were killed in the incident. The name of the fourth, who was injured, is being withheld. The fifth assailant, dead at the scene, has not yet been identified.

The Ministry denied reports that National Guard personnel had been killed, although five were injured, none of them life-threatening. Governor of Makkah Province Prince Abdulmajeed bin Abdulaziz visited the wounded officers yesterday.

A statement issued late last night reported the deaths of five people who were at the scene: a Yemeni, a Sudanese, a Filipino, a Pakistani and a Sri Lankan. Eight others were slightly injured: two Yemenis, two Pakistanis, a Lebanese, a Filipino, an Indian and a Sri Lankan.

In that statement, the Ministry confirmed that the five militants had thrown explosives at one of the gates of the U.S. consulate in Jeddah at about 11:00 am local time on Monday, December 6, 2004, taking advantage of its being opened for an official consulate vehicle. On entering the compound, they tried to set fire to one of its buildings, attacking those at the scene. Security forces took immediate action, surrounded the assailants, and killed three of them. The remaining two were wounded, and one of them died later at the hospital.