2004 News Story

Prince Saud’s briefing touches on Israel’s wall, Iraq, the Arab condition, and Yemen

Minister of Foreign Affairs Prince Saud Al-Faisal, in his periodic press briefing today, stated that the wall of segregation being built by Israel will not only isolate the Palestinians but obstruct any peace initiative proposed for finding a just solution to the conflict. Saudi Arabia, he said, had declared to the International Court of Justice in The Hague that the wall is illegal and blatantly violates the Fourth Geneva Convention as well as all international resolutions and agreements in this regard.

On Iraq, Prince Saud said that the Kingdom welcomed the outcome of the fifth conference of that country’s neighboring states, which was recently held in Kuwait; and endorsed their affirmation of readiness to support all diplomatic and political efforts aimed at enabling Iraq to act as an effective member of the international community and establish positive relations with its neighbors, based on peace and respect and in accordance with international laws and conventions. As for elections, this, he stated, is an internal issue for Iraq.
Prince Saud confirmed that Saudi Arabia and the Republic of Egypt had agreed to submit a joint paper to the next meeting of the League of Arab States on the reform of the Arab condition. The two sides, however, reject any pattern of reform that is imposed from abroad, pointing out that the future of the Arab world should be decided by its own peoples. He added that achievement of stability in the region necessitates just and fair solutions for all issues, especially those of Palestine and Iraq.
On Saudi-Yemeni border security cooperation, Prince Saud cited the agreement between the two countries on the need to maintain the safety of their borders, and dismissed reports about the existence of a so-called border “wall”.