2004 News Story

Interior Ministry names the two suspects killed in yesterday’s incident

With reference to yesterday’s statement, the Interior Ministry today confirmed that security officers had recognized two of those wanted as terrorist suspects. When they refused to stop at a checkpoint in Riyadh and began shooting, the security officers returned the fire, and the two suspects were killed. No citizen or security officer was injured in the shootout. The suspects were named as Khalid Ali Ali-Haj, a Yemeni, and Ibrahim bin Abdulaziz bin Mohammed Al-Muzeini, a Saudi. Ali-Haj was on the list of 26 published in December 2003.    [list of 26 most wanted, with photos]  


Yesterday, the Ministry of Interior announced that security forces in pursuit of a suspect vehicle had killed its two occupants, both wanted terrorists. At 5 p.m., a security patrol ordered two suspects to halt while driving along Abdulrahman bin Oaf Street in the City of Riyadh. They refused to obey, and opened fire on the security officers, who fired back, killing both of them. In the car, the security officers confiscated the following items: six high-explosive hand grenades; two Kalashnikov machine guns; ten Kalashnikov ammunition magazines; three 9-mm pistols; and SR 516,000 [about U.S. $137,000] in cash.  

[press release issued in Washington DC]