2004 News Story

Four suspects killed in Jeddah shootouts were on most wanted list

The Ministry of Interior has issued more details of yesterday’s shootout that resulted in the killing of three suspects, the arrest of a fourth, and slight injury to a security officer. Security investigations had uncovered evidence of a planned act of terrorism, and the suspects traced to an apartment in the Al-Safa suburb of Jeddah.

During the incident, the security forces also came under fire from armed men who rushed to the scene to give assistance to their comrades who were under siege in the apartment. These attackers were forced to retreat. Trying to escape, they fired at a citizen in an attempt to take his car. A second attempt, on another car, was successful. The driver of the car in which the suspects fled was injured, and immediately rushed to hospital. Pursuing the fleeing car, security forces were able to disable it, forcing the men in it to take refuge in a hideout in a southern suburb of Jeddah. In the subsequent exchange of fire one of the fugitives was killed, and another committed suicide by blowing himself up.

In addition to two vehicles identified as having been used in two separate ambushes on April 5 and April 9, in which two security officers were killed, quantities of weapons and explosives were seized.

Four of those killed have been identified as Ahmad Abdulrahman Saqr Alfadhli, Khalid Mobarak Habeeb-Allah Alqurashi, Mostafa Ibrahim Mohammad Mobaraki, and Talal A'nbar Ahmad A'nbari, all Saudi nationals, and numbers 23, 11, 25, and 13 on the most wanted list published on December 6, 2003. The fifth has not yet been identified. The name of the suspect arrested during the shootout, and those of others apprehended in connection with the operation, are being withheld for the moment.