2004 News Story

Yanbu shooting kills six, wounds twenty-one

  A car burns in the aftermath of the terrorist shooting in Yanbu on May 1, 2004

The Ministry of Interior has issued more details on the incident in Yanbu on May 1, 2004 that killed six and wounded twenty-one people. Three terrorists entered the building of a Saudi contractor in Yanbu using their employee entry cards and then proceeded to provide access to a fourth through an emergency door and began firing indiscriminately at company employees, killing five: two Americans, two Britons and one Australian, and wounding three, an American, a Canadian, and a Pakistani. National Guardsmen and Public Security Forces pursued the assailants who took refuge in a residential area and hijacked a number of vehicles. During the firefight, one National Guardsman was killed and eight others injured, in addition to ten security officers. All four terrorists were killed, including one terrorist who later died of his wounds in hospital.

[Press release by Prince Bandar]