2004 News Story

Terrorists also invaded residential area in Yanbu

The Ministry of Interior has given further updates on yesterday’s terrorist attack in Yanbu, including the information that three of the four assailants were able to enter the building of the Saudi contractor because they were employed there. Letting in a fourth terrorist, they began firing indiscriminately at the personnel before fleeing. In their flight, they seized two vehicles from a Saudi citizen and an expatriate, and continued firing in a residential neighborhood, where they were cornered by security officers and forced to retreat. Pursued by security forces and members of the National Guard, three of the terrorists were killed, and the fourth later died of his wounds. The identities of the terrorists will be announced later.

The criminal act of terrorism resulted in the deaths of five company personnel: two Americans, two Britons and one Australian; and injuries to three others: a Pakistani, an American and a Canadian. The National Guard officer was killed in the subsequent shootout, during which eight other National Guardsmen and ten security officers were wounded.

Meanwhile, Governor of Madinah Province Prince Meqrin bin Abdulaziz paid a visit yesterday to the security officers and citizens who were injured during the terrorist attacks. He also visited the family of Farhan bin Ayed Al-Shammeri, the National Guard officer who was killed.

Saudi Ambassador to the United Kingdom Prince Turki Al-Faisal issued a statement yesterday expressing condolences to families of the victims of the terror attack. He commented that such attacks run counter to the teachings of Islam, declaring that it "will not hold us back. Instead, it will strengthen our resolve to counter all forms of terrorism".

In his statement yesterday, Ambassador to the United States Prince Bandar bin Sultan expressed his sorrow at the death of civilians, condemning the attack as "vicious and murderous." He extended, on behalf of the people of Saudi Arabia, the "deepest condolences to the families of the victims of the attack". Prince Bandar added: "This is a cowardly act carried out by criminals who have turned their backs on their faith and on all of humanity. …… Acts of terrorism have no justification and violate the principles of every faith, including Islam. The Saudi people have suffered at the hand of terrorism and are galvanized in the fight to combat terrorism in all of its forms. And God willing, we will succeed in ridding our nation of these evil-doers."