2004 News Story

Interior Ministry names the four terrorists in Yanbu attack

The Ministry of Interior today announced the names of the four who carried out Saturday’s criminal attack in Yanbu in Madinah Province. They belonged to one family: two brothers and their two uncles. Three of them were workers in the industrial area, the scene of their crime. They were Sameer Sulaiman Alansari, Sami Sulaiman Alansari and Ayman Abdulqader Alansari. The fourth, Mustafa Abdulqader Abed Alansari, who masterminded the incident, left Saudi Arabia in 1994 and joined the London-based subversive organization run by the dissidents Saad Alfaqih and Mohammed Almasa'ari. Recently, he illegally re-entered the Kingdom for the purpose of carrying out his plot.