2004 News Story

Interior ministry gives details of Buraidah incident

The Ministry of Interior today issued details on last Thursday’s incident near Buraidah in Qasim Province when security forces surrounded suspects in a rest house in the area of the village of Khudairah, resulting in the death of four of them and injuries to the fifth. Their names have not been disclosed in the interests of the investigation. Two security officers were killed in the confrontation, and two others wounded. Found in the rest house were two cars, explosive devices and supplies, weapons and ammunition, and documents.

The Ministry issued a warning to citizens not to gather at the location of such confrontations, for their own safety, because those who belong to the deviant group are liable to behave in a manner that endangers the lives of innocent people. When they are surrounded and become desperate, they fire indiscriminately, steal cars, and try to exploit bystanders.

Meanwhile, Governor of Qasim Province Prince Faisal bin Bandar bin Abdulaziz paid a visit today to the families of the two security officers who were killed in the incident: Sergeant Nawaf bin Mohammed bin Homoud Al-Harbi and Corporal Ayidh bin Aoadh Al-Harbi. He also visited the two wounded officers, who are at King Fahd Specialist Hospital.