2004 News Story

Crown Prince receives citizens expressing condemnation of terrorist acts

Deputy Prime Minister and Commander of the National Guard Crown Prince Abdullah bin Abdulaziz received in Jeddah today concerned citizens, including princes, ministers, senior officials, and delegations from the provinces of Al-Jouf and Najran and from Taif and Anzah. They all strongly condemned the terrorist acts that have recently taken place in the Kingdom; expressed their full support for the government in its fight against the deviant group that has perpetrated these acts; and denounced the killing of innocent people, the intimidation of those who consider themselves safe, the destabilization of security, and the destruction of property.

Crown Prince Abdullah, thanking them for their stance, urged all citizens to report abnormal behavior to the security authorities. He confirmed that leaders of the deviant group had been killed, and called on others involved to turn themselves in before they are annihilated, declaring that they are followers of Satan and enemies of religion and their country.