2004 News Story

One suspect and a security officer killed in another shootout in Riyadh

The Ministry of Interior has reported that yesterday, in another incident in Riyadh, a suspect was killed. He has been identified as Awad bin Mohammed bin Ali Al-Awad, who was wanted for his involvement in, among other things, the April 12 incident in the Riyadh suburb of Al-Fayha in which a security officer lost his life. Another suspect injured yesterday and now under arrest has been identified as Abdulrahman bin Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al-Abdulwahab, wanted in connection with the murder of a German resident in Riyadh on May 22. One security officer, identified as Private Muslih bin Saad Al-Qarni, was killed in the shootout. Another was wounded, as was a member of the National Guard. The incident arose from the ongoing pursuit of a group of wanted suspects who were observed leaving a house in Riyadh’s King Fahd suburb on Wednesday.

Details of Wednesday’s shootout were given by the Interior Ministry yesterday, identifying the militant killed as Fahd bin Ali Aldakheel Algablan, and naming Private Homoud bin Abdullah Al-Harbi as the security officer who lost his life. Security forces raided the house and seized, in addition to weapons such as Kalashnikov machine guns and pistols, a laboratory for preparing explosive devices, equipment for forging documents, and materials for medical treatment and first aid.