2004 News Story

Two militants on wanted list confirmed dead

The Ministry of Interior issued a statement today confirming that two militants whose names were published last December on a list of 26 terrorist suspects wanted by security authorities, died of wounds sustained in the April 12 incident in the Al-Fayha suburb in Riyadh. They are Rakan Muhsin Mohammed Alsaykhan and Nasir Rashid Nasir Alrashid, numbers 6 and 4 on the list. Their deaths are attributed to a lack of medical care, and to the behavior of the deviant group, who sacrifice their accomplices and bury them indecently in the pursuit of their criminal plots.

When Rakan was shot in the chest, he was carried to two different hideouts, in the Riyadh suburbs of Al-Silay and Al-Suwaidi; he died April 13 and was buried, on directions from Abdulaziz al-Muqhren, in an unknown location. When Nasir’s injuries led to gangrene, an electric saw was used to amputate his leg, in a very primitive way that led to his death; he, too, was buried in an unknown grave. Eight individuals have been arrested in connection with these burials. One of those known to be involved was Awad Al-Awad, who was killed by security forces on July 1.