2004 News Story

Imam urges deviants to surrender in Friday sermon at Makkah

In his sermon at the Grand Mosque in Makkah yesterday, Imam Shaikh Saud Al-Sheraim called on members of the deviant group to surrender under a month-long amnesty announced by the government in late June, affirming the sincerity of the Saudi authorities in forgiving those who voluntarily surrender. Repentance, he said, is a praiseworthy Islamic principle, and urged all those who have deviated from the right path to return to the fold. He went on to stress the need for Muslims to seek advice in searching for the truth, and to embrace cooperation and reconciliation. The killing and terrorizing of the innocent that is taking place in Muslim countries, he stated, is something evil and a sign of great danger, saying: “Such acts must never be ignored or justified but confronted and stopped by all available means.”