2004 News Story

Saudi Arabia hands over airport to Yemen under border agreement

In accordance with the Jeddah Treaty for Demarcation of Borders between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Yemen, Chief of Staff General Salih bin Ali Al-Muhaya formally handed over to the Republic of Yemen, represented by Chief of Staff of the Yemeni Armed Forces Major-General Mohammed Ali Al-Qasem, the airport at Al-Badee'a in the area of Al-Khirkhair, in addition to all public facilities located south of the new border line. At the end of the ceremony, the Saudi flag was folded away, and the Yemeni flag hoisted.

General Al-Muhaya stated that today's event is the last in a series of handovers. He added that it will also be beneficial in fighting border trafficking and illegal crossing, and praised the joint efforts of the two countries in the war against terrorism.