2004 News Story

Two militants killed in Riyadh raid

Saudi security forces killed two militants and wounded three others in a raid yesterday on a hideout suspected of being used by the deviant group in the city of Riyadh. Subsequently, other sites were searched and two more suspects arrested. Among those detained were the wife and three children of Salih Mohammad Awadallah Alalawy Aloafi, believed to be the new head of the Al-Qaeda organization in the Kingdom. The two killed have been named as Isa Saad Mohammad bin O'ooshan, who was on the list of 26 wanted that was published last December, and Mujab Abu-Ras Al-Dossary. Three security officers were slightly injured in the incident.

While the security officers were carrying out their investigation of the house, located in the densely populated King Fahd District, they were attacked, with various kinds of weapons being used, including rocket-propelled grenades. During the shootout, a second group came from outside and attempted to help their cornered colleagues and distract the security officers. The latter nevertheless firmly confronted them, and pursued them when they fled. A quantity of weapons was seized, including rocket-propelled grenades, automatic rifles, hand grenades, and explosives, as well as various documents.