2004 News Story

Saudi Red Crescent and Muslim World League assess Darfur situation

A delegation led by Head of the Saudi Red Crescent Society Dr Abdulrahman bin Abdulaziz Al-Sowailim has toured Sudan’s western region of Darfur to assess the situation there prior to the provision of emergency relief aid. The Society, having been requested by the concerned Sudanese authorities to focus on health services in the villages where displaced people are expected to return, has pledged to construct a number of medical centers.

Meanwhile, Muslim World League Secretary-General Dr. Abdullah Al-Turki has also visited the area, affirming that MWL will work to solve the Darfur crisis in coordination with other Islamic organizations by encouraging dialogue to end the dispute, in addition to assisting those in refugee camps with emergency supplies such as food, medicine and tents.

Dr Al-Sowailim and Dr. Al-Turki were both received in Khartoum by President of Sudan Omar Hassan Al-Basheer as well as holding extensive talks with Sudanese officials.