2004 News Story

Cabinet: Iraq, mideast, Sudan, Bosnia, Egypt, IEF

Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Fahd bin Abdulaziz today chaired the regular weekly meeting of the Council of Ministers, which expressed deep sorrow at the situation in Iraq and the deterioration of security there that has resulted in death and injury to innocent citizens. The Cabinet called for a greater role for the United Nations to halt the bloodshed, and hoped that the current national conference will bring an end to the fighting and focus on a political solution that will restore to Iraq its sovereignty and enable all Iraqis to support their government sustained by the hope that calm, security and stability can again prevail.

On the Palestinian question, King Fahd stressed the importance of a decisive international stance ensuring Palestinian rights and the resumption of the peace process. As for Sudan, the Cabinet expressed appreciation for the great efforts made by the Sudanese government to contain the crisis in Darfur.

Turning to domestic issues, the Cabinet passed a number of resolutions, including endorsement of the agreement signed in Riyadh on December 27, 2003 with the Council of Ministers of Bosnia-Herzegovina for cooperation in trade, commerce, investment, technology, culture, youth and sports; authorization for the Minister of Islamic Affairs, Endowments, Call and Guidance or his deputy to sign a draft memorandum of understanding on cooperation with the Ministry of Endowments of the Arab Republic of Egypt; and approval of the protocol concerning the headquarters of the Secretariat General of the International Energy Forum (IEF) and its appendices regarding immunities and privileges concluded between the Secretariat and the Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources.