2004 News Story

Red Crescent President tours Darfur as more aid is flown in

A Saudi cargo plane arrived in Nyala in southern Darfur today carrying 12 tons of relief aid, while another plane touched down in Khartoum on its way to Sudan’s western region, laden with 85 tons of foodstuff, tents, medicine, blankets and an ambulance. Both are part of the Saudi relief airlift to the displaced people of the region that is being organized by the Saudi Red Crescent Society, whose President, Dr Abdulrahman Al-Suweilim, has toured a number of locations covered by Saudi aid programs in northern Darfur, including medical centers, warehouses and a school.

Meanwhile, the delegation of the joint committee comprised of representatives from the Sudanese government, the United Nations, the League of Arab States, and the European Union completed their visit to northern Darfur on Saturday.