2004 News Story

Militant killed identified as on most wanted list

The Interior Ministry announced yesterday that it had identified the three militants killed early that morning in a clash in the Al-Nahda district of Riyadh. One of them is Abdulmajeed Mohammad Abdullah Almoneea’, named on the December 2003 list of most wanted. Of the 26 on that list, only 10 now remain at large. Almoneea’ was on the so-called “legal committee” of the terrorist group, which has been issuing edicts on bombings and charging people with being infidels. There is also evidence that he took part in killings as well as recruiting people to his deviant thinking.

The other two were named as Abdulhamid bin Abdulaziz Alyahya, who is alleged to have provided safe houses for suspects, using the presence of women and children to mislead authorities and forging documents to cover up criminal activities; and Issam bin Moqbel Alotaibi, who had in the past come under suspicion for criminal activities.