2004 News Story

Friday sermons urge adherence to faith

At the Friday sermon in the Grand Mosque in Makkah yesterday, Shaikh Saleh Al-Taleb urged Muslims to strengthen their faith in God in these trying times and advised the faithful to learn lessons from history, which is replete with instances of the Prophet and his companions receiving God's help when they were besieged by the enemy. Muslims, he said, are facing trials and tribulations all over the world; they need to review their situation and strengthen their faith in God. He went on to point out that victory is not just enjoying safety or worldly vanities but remaining true to the principles one stands for. 

Meanwhile, at the Prophet’s Mosque in Madinah, Shaikh Ali Abdulrahman Al-Hudaify commended Muslims for engaging in worship, charitable activities and other righteous deeds during Ramadan and urged them to continue the good work for the whole year, declaring that God must be feared and worshipped in all months, not only in Ramadan, and that Muslims must engage in good deeds and keep away from prohibited things always, not in a particular period alone.