2004 News Story

Kingdom to attend nuclear technology forum in Yemen

Saudi Arabia is one of the participants in the upcoming conference in Sana’a, Yemen on the peaceful uses of nuclear technology, organized by the Arab Atomic Energy Commission (AAEC). Participating in the five-day event that begins on December 4 will be senior scientists from King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST). Discussion will focus on applied nuclear research for industries and health institutions, and irradiation processes for treating raw materials used by industry to improve their properties and cost-effectiveness. Also under discussion will be the commission's future agenda. AAEC member states include Jordan, Tunisia, Kuwait, Egypt, Libya, Lebanon, Palestine, Iraq, Syria and Sudan.

The Kingdom has been working on many research projects to ensure the peaceful use of nuclear technology. It has drafted new rules and regulations for handling radioactive materials, including transportation and disposal. KACST’s network of stations monitoring radiation, both natural and man-made, is expected to double within the next 18 months from 15 to 30. Tighter restrictions for nuclear technology in industries, hospitals and nuclear medicine centers has been imposed, and the Kingdom has in place an emergency plan to safeguard its people and environment against any mishap or high radiation doses.