2004 News Story

Terrorists killed in Riyadh identified; two on most wanted list, others connected with November 2003 Al-Muhaya bombing

The Interior Ministry announced the identities of the ten terrorists responsible for the two car bombings in Riyadh this week who were killed in shootouts with security forces Tuesday and Wednesday. Among those killed were Sultan Bjad So'doon Alotaibi and Bandar Abdulrahman Abdullah Aldakheel, two of the Kingdom’s most wanted terror suspects.


The terrorists have been identified as:

  1.  Sultan Bjad So'doon Alotaibi
  2.  Khalid Ahmed Mohammed bin Sinan
  3.  Badr Mansour Badr Al-Sbie’
  4.  Ibrahim Ahmed Al-Raimi (Yemeni national)
  5.  Thamer Khamis Abdulaziz Al-Khamis
  6.  Saud Abdullah Saadan Al-Jadhie’
  7.  Mohammed Abdullah Salih Al-Mohsin
  8.  Mohammed Sulaiman Ibrahim Al-Wakeel
  9.  Abdulwahab Adel Abdulwahab Al-Shareedah
10.  Bandar Abdulrahman Abdullah Aldakheel

Alotaibi, Sinan and Al-Sbie' were wanted for their participation in the Al-Muhaya housing complex attack on November 9, 2003.  Al-Jadhie was wanted for his role in the attack on the traffic headquarters building in Riyadh on April 21, 2004.