2004 News Story

Jeddah incident results in death of wanted suspect

The Ministry of Interior has announced that a suspect was killed by security officers yesterday evening in Jeddah in the university district. When his car was surrounded, the suspect threw a hand grenade, and was subsequently shot dead. He has been identified as Isam Saddeeq Qasim Mobaraki, a Saudi national wanted for more than a year as a known member of the deviant group and linked to perpetrators of acts of sabotage, providing them with shelter and cover.

Mobaraki took part in the preparations for the criminal act carried out at the Al-Muhaya Compound during the Holy Month of Ramadan in 1424 [November 9, 2003]; was involved in the incident where an attempt was made to amputate the leg of a wanted man, resulting in his death; and is known to have perpetrated forgeries and prepared explosives.

A search of his car revealed communications devices, documents, and cash, as well as a loaded pistol, two machine guns with 11 magazines, 400 rounds of ammunition, 3 high explosive hand grenades, and 4 pipe bombs.

The Interior Ministry also announced that a second person associated with the incident had been arrested, but that his identity is being withheld.