2003 Press Release

Saudi Crown Prince calls for moderation and tolerance

(Riyadh, Saudi Arabia) -- At a gathering hosted at his home in Riyadh, for distinguished visitors to the Al-Jenadriyah Festival, Crown Prince Abdullah called upon regional leaders to promote moderation and tolerance.  He said that this was a time for deep thought and reflection, for tolerance and moderation, for honesty and sincerity.  He urged scholars and intellectuals to exert their efforts toward bringing people together, not dividing them.

"The scholar, the author, the thinker, the philosopher and the poet all must strive to bring humanity together," stated the Crown Prince.  "I have faith in your ability to contribute to the greater good."

The Crown Prince also commented, "Reason, patience, moderation and kind words help bring people together."

He urged those assembled to reject extremism and intolerance.