2003 Press Release

What America's leaders say about Saudi Arabia
The following quotes from leaders of the United States express the high level of cooperation and leadership Saudi Arabia provides in the War on Terrorism and other issues of mutual concern:
CIA Director George Tenet in Senate testimony February 11, 2003: “Others in the Gulf are beginning to tackle the problem of charities that front for or fund terrorism. The Saudis are providing increasingly important support to our counter-terrorism efforts, from arrests to sharing debriefing results.”

Secretary of State, Colin L. Powell, Capitol Hill Hearing, Senate Foreign Relations Committee, February 6, 2003:

"But the president's policy remains the same. He is committed to the vision he outlined to the world on the 24th of June last year, which also picked up the important initiative of Crown Prince Abdullah of Saudi Arabia -- and that vision remains the same: to find a way to reach the creation of a Palestinian state living side by side, in peace, with Israel."

Secretary of State, Colin L. Powell, CNN Late Edition with Wolf Blitzer December 29, 2002

"My view is that Saudi Arabia has been cooperative with us in the global war against terrorism. They're open to the proposals that we have made to them about what might be needed.. They've been good friends of ours in the past, and I would expect them to be good friends in the future, as well."