2003 Press Release

No substance to report that arms captured came from National Guard

[Washington, DC] -- The Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia would like to respond to reports in certain media by clarifying that the arms and explosives seized by Saudi authorities on May 6 were smuggled into the country and did not come from the stockpiles of the Saudi National Guard or any of the Saudi armed forces.

Saudi security forces seized Czech-made explosives and Russian-made AK-47 machine guns from a car and house used by an Al-Qaeda terrorist cell. Neither the particular explosive material nor Kalashnikov assault rifles are in the arsenal of the Saudi National Guard or any other Saudi armed service.

There are strict control and inventory mechanisms in place to monitor the entire arsenal of the Saudi National Guard and other military and security forces.  These mechanisms are continuously maintained and updated as needed.

The Saudi National Guard and armed forces are on the frontline in the war against terrorism. They lost brave men who died defending the lives and homes of innocent people.