2003 Press Release

Saudi Arabia pledges support for U.S.-led peace negotiations

At the Arab-U.S. Summit today in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt, Crown Prince Abdullah recommitted Saudi Arabia’s full support to President Bush’s drive for a lasting Middle East peace.

Ambassador to the United States Prince Bandar bin Sultan has declared: “No other issue holds greater promise for the future stability of the Middle East than the resolution of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.  American engagement and leadership is essential to moving this issue towards resolution, and we firmly stand behind President Bush to help move the process forward.”

A statement read on behalf of the leaders of Egypt, Jordan, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and the Palestinian Authority at today’s summit pledged the following: "We shall continue to work for a Middle East that is free of strife and violence, living in harmony without the threat of terrorism or dangers of weapons of mass destruction."

Last year, the Arab League unanimously adopted a peace plan proposed by Crown Prince Abdullah, calling for peace and normal relations between Israel and the Arab world in exchange for Israel’s withdrawal from the territories occupied in 1967 and the establishment of a Palestinian State.