2003 Press Release

The Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia launches new ads

The Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Washington DC today announces the launch of a national advertising campaign designed to help broaden American perceptions of the country and demonstrate the Kingdom’s steadfast commitment to fighting the War on Terrorism.  The ads are designed to provide Americans with a better perspective of Saudi Arabia today.

“Despite all of the attention we have received, few people know what Saudi Arabia looks like or appreciate how far we have come in the last thirty years.  We are a modern nation with normal people living normal lives,” said Prince Bandar bin Sultan, Saudi Arabia’s Ambassador to the United States.

The ads will be running in most of the top 25 media markets through the month of June.

“These ads are one way of telling the American people about Saudi Arabia,” said Prince Bandar.  “Over the past thirty years, the Kingdom has made tremendous progress in all areas.  Currently, there are big changes going on in Saudi Arabia. And we want Americans to know about them.”

Saudi Arabia has been in the forefront of combating terrorism.  The level of cooperation between in the United States and Saudi Arabia is described by law enforcement authorities in both countries as excellent.

“The terrorists responsible for the recent tragedies in Riyadh reminded us that there are no distinctions to race, religion, or nationality in such horrific acts.  We are in the same boat.  And we must work together to destroy them,” added Prince Bandar.