2003 Press Release

Death of top Al-Qaeda fugitive [update]

[Washington, DC] – Efforts by Saudi security forces early this morning resulted in the deaths of four terrorists. These were identified as Turki Nasser Mishaal Aldandany, a Saudi national;  Amash Al-Subaibie, a Saudi national;  Rajih bin Hassan Al-Agjmi, a Kuwaiti national; and Abdulrahman Gobbara, a Kuwaiti of Iraqi origin.

Subsequently, the following persons, who were planning to aid the fugitives flee the Kingdom, were detained.  They are Mohammad Sulaiman Al-Sagaabi, a Saudi national; Nasser Farhan Al-Ruwaili, a Saudi national; and Mohammad Badr Hazbar, a Syrian national.

Two police officers, Major Abdulaziz Anwar Al-Faraj and Private Said Madani Mabrook Al-Ziadi, were slightly wounded in the exchange of fire.