2003 News Story

Security forces kill terrorist suspect in Riyadh

The Ministry of Interior has reported that around 4 a.m. this morning security forces investigating a suspected terrorist cell in the Al-Suwaidi district of the city of Riyadh came under fire from the suspects, who attempted to flee, attacking security forces with machine guns and bombs. In the exchange of fire, one terrorist was killed. Eight of the security officers suffered minor injuries. The statement said that details of the incident will be announced later.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Interior issued a statement yesterday giving more details of Monday's incident, when security forces surrounded two villas in the Al-Khadraa district of the city of Makkah, following up on information on a terrorist cell in hiding there. Despite warnings to surrender and spare their lives and the lives of innocent people in adjacent residences, the terrorists opened intensive fire, and managed to flee in two vehicles, which were subsequently stopped. In the process, two of the terrorists were killed, one in each car. One of the security officers was slightly injured. The pursuit of the fugitives resulted in the arrest of five terrorist suspects, four of them Saudis and the fifth Nigerian. A large quantity of explosives and ammunition was confiscated, plus weapons, accessories, and other incriminating items. The statement highlighted the fact that the security forces had successfully aborted a terrorist plot, thereby sparing citizens and expatriates from danger, and warned against providing the remaining members of the cell with refuge or any kind of assistance.