2003 News Story

Two of Al-Muhaya terrorists identified

The Ministry of Interior today announced details of the act of terrorism that took place at the Al-Muhaya residential complex in the western part of the city of Riyadh on November 9. Two of the suicide bombers have been identified, through DNA tests, as Ali bin Hamid Al-Maabadi Al-Harbi and Nasser bin Abdullah bin Nasser Al-Sayyari, both Saudis, and both wanted in connection with security issues.


A white Nissan Maxima was driven up to the complex at midnight, and hand grenades thrown from it at the guards; then a Toyota jeep, painted with the insignia of security forces, entered the compound and was detonated, setting off around 300 kilograms of mixed explosives. Investigations led to a rest house in the district of Al-Dar Al-Baida, to the south of Riyadh, where equipment used to paint the jeep was seized. Security authorities are tracking down others involved in the perpetration of this criminal attack.