2003 News Story

Region's foreign ministers issue statement on Iraq

Warning against the adverse effects and destructive repercussions of a war on Iraq, the foreign ministers of Turkey, Egypt, Iran, Jordan, Syria and Saudi Arabia issued a statement at the end of their meeting in Istanbul yesterday that war should never be the only option for solving a problem. The joint statement affirmed that the people of Iraq had suffered a great deal from the repercussions of the two previous consecutive wars; moreover, the entire region had suffered from their adverse impact.  The statement declared: "We would like to urge the Iraqi leadership to work seriously and genuinely for restoration of peace and stability to the region." It stressed the importance of Iraq cooperating with the UN inspection team and the International Agency for Atomic Energy in line with UN Security Council Resolution 1441, and urged Iraq to settle outstanding problems with its neighbors and take decisive measures towards national reconciliation in a way that preserves Iraq's sovereignty and unity.