2003 News Story

Saudi representative at The Hague on desire for peace and security

Prince Dr. Bandar bin Salman bin Muhammad Al-Saud, who heads the Saudi Arbitration Team attending a conference of the International Court of Justice at the Hague, has stressed that Saudi Arabia is an Arab and Islamic country that calls for peace and works to preserve international security and stability because of its belief that peaceful solutions are the best for solving disputes. In his address, Prince Dr. Bandar affirmed that Islamic Sha'riah [Law] calls for rejecting and combating terrorism. Saudi Arabia, he said, as part of the Arab and Islamic Worlds, follows the path of peace and tries to maintain security and stability in the world. Accordingly, the Kingdom ratified the 1907 Treaty of The Hague and has appointed four representatives at the Permanent Court of Arbitration. They are, in addition to Prince Dr. Bandar, Judge Saleh Othman Al-Saleh, Judge Ibrahim Sulieman Al-Rasheed, and Dr. Omar Abubaker Bakhashab.