2003 News Story

Kingdom attends 30th Summit of Non-Aligned Movement

Addressing the 13th Summit of the Non-Aligned Movement currently being held in Kuala Lumpur, Minister of State and Cabinet Member Dr. Madani bin Abdulgader Alagi today declared that the current situation in the Middle East necessitates every effort to avert war and its detrimental consequences. The Iraqi situation, he said, is so aggravated that it has become a source of danger to security and stability worldwide as well as in the region. Stressing that the issue must be dealt with through peaceful means, he urged Iraq's cooperation and its facilitation of the missions of the international inspectors.

Dr. Alagi went on to affirm that Saudi Arabia was one of the first countries to call for mobilization of efforts to combat terrorism at all levels and to support UN endeavors to fight this dangerous phenomenon; and pointed out that Israel's aggressive practices against the unarmed Palestinian people are dangerously escalating the situation in the occupied territories, increasing tension in the region and posing a danger to international peace and security, while Israel's stance toward the Arab peace initiative shows its unwillingness to achieve a just peace.