2003 News Story

Ulema urge citizens to unite behind Kingdom's leaders

The Council of Senior Ulema (Muslim Scholars) has issued a statement urging Saudi citizens to remain united behind the government, which has from the first indications of the possibility exerted strenuous efforts to avoid war against Iraq and its people.  The statement, signed by Council Chairman Shaikh Abdulaziz bin Abdullah bin Muhammad Al-AsShaikh, declared: "The Government has not felt comfortable and will not be comfortable unless it finds an opportunity to contain this event in an attempt to spare the region the consequences of war  ……   we all know that there will be no winner or loser in this war. The entire world will be affected by it." The statement called on all Saudis to support the position of their leadership in categorically rejecting the war, and to distance themselves from rumors targeting the country's religion, stability and security. It urged Muslims to pray for defusing the tension in the region, for a good end to the crisis without loss of lives and property, in order to bring about peace in the region.