2003 News Story

Kingdom at extraordinary OIC meeting in Kuala Lumpu

Assistant Foreign Minister Dr. Nizar Madani, as head of the Saudi delegation to the extraordinary meeting in Kuala Lumpur of the foreign ministers of member states of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC), today addressed the conference and stressed that accession to agreements related to combating terrorism should be accompanied by sincere intentions and a strong determination to fight and eradicate this dangerous phenomenon. Describing the criminal attacks on the United States on September 11 as ugly according to any criterion, he pointed out that Islam denounces and rejects all forms of intimidation of the innocent or harm to their properties or places of worship. He went on to remark that the Kingdom, which has itself suffered from terrorist events, was one of the first countries to call for mobilizing efforts at all levels to combat terrorism, and played an active role in the endorsement of Arab, Islamic and international agreements in this respect.  Dr. Madani expressed full support for the statement issued by the OIC conference calling on the international community to take immediate measures to bring to a halt Israel's aggression against the Palestinian people and provide the Palestinians with international protection; the statement also praised the Arab peace initiative adopted unanimously by the 14th Arab Summit in Beirut last month.