2003 News Story

Saudi security find evidence of planned acts of terrorism

Saudi security forces yesterday foiled planned acts of terrorism and seized large quantities of weapons and explosives found in vehicles and in a house in Riyadh.  The discovery of the arms cache followed a car chase involving individuals suspected of complicity in the explosion that occurred in the eastern part of Riyadh on March 18.  These suspects, who were under surveillance after they had been seen repeatedly visiting a house in the city's Ashbiliya district, started shooting at the security team before fleeing in a car.  After their car broke down, the suspects hijacked another vehicle. They abandoned this, and disappeared in a crowded neighborhood.

Search of the terrorists’ car yielded 55 hand grenades, 208 machine gun bullets, 38 9mm bullets, 7 empty machine gun magazines, 49 2.2mm bullets, a number of travel documents and identification cards, other diaries and publications, and a large amount of cash (SR 252,717 and US $ 5,300).  Search of the house from which they fled yielded five large metal cases containing 377 kg of highly explosive paste, 4 AK-47 machine guns, three crates of ammunition containing a total of 2,250 bullets, 21 boxes of ammunition, and 82 loaded magazines, as well as five computers and accessories, and communication equipment.  Three fully-loaded AK-47 machine guns and a large quantity of items for disguise were found in a vehicle on the premises.

Nineteen suspects have been named in connection with the arms cache:

  1. Turki Nasser Mishaal Aldandany – Saudi
  2. Ali Abdulrahman Said Alfagsy Alghamdy – Saudi
  3. Khalid Mohamed Musallam Aljahny – Saudi
  4. Salih Mohamed Awadallah Alalawy Aloafy – Saudi
  5. Abdulaziz Abdulmuhsin Almughrin – Saudi
  6. Abdulkarim Mohamed Jobran Alyazigy – Saudi
  7. Hani Said Ahmed Abdulkarim Alghamdy – Saudi
  8. Mohammad Osman Abdullah Alwalidy Alshahry – Saudi
  9. Rakan Muhsin Mohammad Alsaykhan – Saudi
  10. Yousif Salih Fahad Alabeery  - Saudi
  11. Osman Hadi Magboul Almardy Alomary  - Saudi
  12. Bandar Abdulrahman Salim Alghamdy  - Saudi
  13. Ahmed Nasser Abdullah Aldakheel  - Saudi
  14. Hamad Fahad Abdullah Alaslamy – Saudi
  15. Faisal Abdulrahman Abdullah Aldakheel – Saudi
  16. Sultan Gubran Sultan Algahtany – Saudi
  17. Gobran Ali Hikmi – Saudi
  18. Abdulrahman Mansour Jobarah - Citizen of Kuwait and Canada
  19. Khalid Ali Ali-Haj – Yemeni

Citizens are requested to inform the authorities if they have any information on these suspects.