2003 News Story

Saudi Arabia foils terrorist plot

[Washington, DC] -- Saudi security forces yesterday foiled planned acts of terrorism and seized large quantities of weapons and explosives found in vehicles and a house in Riyadh.  Security forces are searching for 19 individuals, including a man holding Canadian and Kuwaiti passports and a Yemeni, and have called on citizens to contact the authorities regarding any information they may have.

The individuals are suspected of complicity in an explosion that occurred in the eastern part of Riyadh on March 18 and have been under surveillance for some time.

Items seized from the terrorists’ cars and house included 377 kg of highly explosive paste, 7 AK-47 machine guns, and some 2,500 bullets, as well as five computers and accessories, communication equipment and cash (SR 252,717 and US $ 5,300).

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has broken up a number of terrorist cells and continues to contribute to the arrest of major Al-Qaeda members.  While the Kingdom is pleased at the results of foiling this terrorist plot, there remains much to do to rid the world of the scourge of terrorism. Saudi Arabia is a leader in the War on Terrorism and continues to be committed to peace throughout the world.