2003 News Story

Saudi senior religious scholars condemn Riyadh bombings

The Committee of Senior ulama [Religious Scholars] today issued a statement condemning Monday's bombing attacks in Riyadh as sinful and prohibited. Citing numerous evidence from the Holy Qur'an and the Sunnah (sayings of the Prophet), the statement pointed out that such bombings are prohibited because they constitute an attack on the sanctity of Muslim lands, terrorizing innocent people, claiming the lives of people protected by Islamic law, wreaking havoc among civilians, and destroying protected property. The Committee warned Muslims against carrying out acts that are forbidden, sinful, and criminal; decreed that those who executed the bombing attacks have in fact committed suicide, which is expressly prohibited by Islam; declared that those who provide excuses for the enemies of Islam to attack Muslims are committing a grave crime; and urged young people to have good faith in the religious scholars and seek learning from them.