2003 News Story

Crown Prince vows to root out terrorists and their supporters

Crown Prince Abdullah bin Abdulaziz, the Deputy Premier and Commander of the National Guard, today reaffirmed the Kingdom’s determination to root out terrorism and protect foreign residents within its border.  “The foreigners have come to serve this country. They deserve the same protection as citizens because they came here peacefully to serve the country,” Crown Prince Abdullah told a group of Saudi and Arab intellectuals taking part in the 19th National Festival of Heritage and Culture at Jenadriyah, just outside Riyadh.

Crown Prince Abdullah stressed that these terrorists will be tracked down and eradicated.  He attributed their actions to ignorance, stupidity and evil forces for the spread of terrorism in the Arab and Muslim world, and warned that anyone supporting terrorists will be considered one of them.  He called on every Muslim to fight against this deviant group which has defamed religion and morality.

Crown Prince Abdullah stressed that the majority of this group has been wiped out and the minority and those who would follow them will be eradicated however long it might take.